Who am I?

imageI grew up in Kansas, went to college in Florida and settled in Georgia, Atlanta to be precise. This alone should indicate my need for a rant blog. While studying Nursing at Florida State University, I wrote a thesis on socialized medicine. The only thing I knew about it was that it was evil. So I set out to explore the virtues of the United States healthcare system and the imperfections of socialized medicine.

Long story short, I have fought for universal healthcare ever since. So when presidential candidate Barack Obama came on the scene promising healthcare reform, I was all in. This country came close to an actual discussion with First Lady  Hillary Clinton, but the right wing quickly put an end to that.

Upon his election I finally had hope. Unfortunately, as Obama began to compromise with republicans, the single-payer option was taken off the table. What we finally ended up with was not what I had hoped for at all, but at least it was something. Something we could improve and build on as time goes by.

So here we stand, 2 months before the Affordable Healthcare Act is scheduled to go into affect and the right wing is still doing everything in their power to shut it down.

Most of the blogs I write following this one will focus on the roll-out of the system and it’s obstacles, most of which will be the right wingers.